In 1994 The Peter Elzinga Family Foundation was founded and registered as a charitable association. 

This Foundation was created for the purpose of promoting the advancement of education and learning.

The objective of the Foundation is to provide scholarships, bursaries, prizes and other financial assistance to individuals who are in pursuit of post-secondary education, re-training or special needs education.

In September of 1995 four $1,000 scholarships were given out. Since 1995, scholarships have been awarded annually to four (4) or five (5) worthy individuals who have each received scholarships of at least $1000. 

In addition, The Peter Elzinga Family Foundation gave a one time donation of money to NAIT and NorQuest College for the establishment of scholarships which are given out on a yearly basis.

In 2022, the Peter Elzinga Family Foundation Board of Director’s decided to turn the management and awarding of funds over to the Edmonton Community Foundation. As of January 2023, applications can be submitted through Hilltop Awards and Bursaries.  Please click the link below if you wish to apply for an award via the Edmonton Community Foundation Peter Elzinga Family Endowment Fund.

You can apply via the Edmonton Community Foundation web site: