To be eligible to receive an Award, the Student must:
  1. be a resident of Alberta; and 
  2. provide proof of enrollment within a Qualifying Program at a Qualified School in Alberta; and
  3. demonstrate financial need that limits the student’s ability to undertake the desired program of study.

Preference is to be given to more mature Students who desire to further their education, including but not limited to re-training, upgrading of work skills or a change of employment. 
The fact that a student receives other bursaries, scholarships or awards does not prevent a student from benefiting from an Award but may affect the comparison of that student’s financial need to another student’s financial need.
A student that has received an Award for a prior year is not prevented from receiving an Award for a subsequent year.
Academic achievement beyond reaching the entrance requirements for the desired program or to continue study in the desired Qualified Program is not required. 

No amounts will be provided as an Award for a successful Student until such time as the Student is:

(a) accepted into the program of post-secondary study; and

(b) enrolled in the particular term of study; and
it is contemplated that in most cases, the Award amounts will be provided directly to the Qualified School the Student attends.

Please apply via the Edmonton Community Foundation web site: